This is why I feel sorry for you

You know what sucks?

You mostly don’t get to hurt people who have hurt you.

Why is the world like this? You know you’ve been hurt. What is more, is that they used to be your friends. Why would they hurt you like this? WHY?

So I don’t really know why I’m writing about this just now, but someone I thought was so kind, decided that kissing my boyfriend is no big deal. LIke…. what the actual fuck?

Seriously. Do you really think being drunk is a good enough reason to “unconsciously” kiss someone? Now, if you’re a bit retarded, that I could believe. Plus, I would forgive you in a heart beat. But blocking me in your social media accounts, saving yourself by telling a not-good enough reason to just be kissing someone who’s taken, and getting your friends to heat things up even though they’re not really involved in any other way do not account as good enough. No one deserves this pain; not even you. Yes, I truly believe that. Even you, who was a pig to act like that, do not deserve that.

but you know what? Now I am against my own principles. Suddenly I want to inflict upon you so much pain. A pain so excruciating that you would be killed slowly, as I gaze at your unworthy being. I’ve treated you and your friends as my own, and never did I expect you to do that. Unfortunately, no matter how much I attempt to slap you, or pull your hair so hard they’ll fall off in a finger snap, words are all I have. You know why? Because if I do physical pain to you, I would be stooping down to your level, and to be frank, YOU DON’T DESERVE JUST PHYSICAL PAIN.

God knows what happened. And if you wouldn’t admit that to your friends, and make me out as the bad person here, then by all means, go. But remember this, because this made me mad the most.

You don’t get to decide who I am. You don’t have the right to tell my boyfriend what kind of girl I am because first and foremost, YOU DON’T KNOW EVEN A QUARTER OF MY BEING. You weren’t there when I was born, when I was growing up, when I was hurt by people I love. You weren’t there when I needed someone, when I was locked in the dark. You DON’T know my relationship with my boyfriend, how we met, how he confessed his feelings for me, how we fell in love, how we kissed in the library, how we act silly and foolish, how much I love not just him, but his family. YOU. DON’T. KNOW. Yet you decided to feed his mind some lousy idea that I don’t truly love him.

Guess what? You only know my name, not my story, and definitely not OUR story. We almost ended three years of love, but fortunately, he didn’t listen to you. And to be really, really rude on purpose, WHY SHOULD HE LISTEN TO YOU?

Girl, and your friends, always remember that this is not the end. I will continue befalling you, I will continue killing you in my mind, or torture you in my mind at least. I would continue, though, to pray for you, that I hope someday when you meet someone you truly love, that he wouldn’t do this to you, or that another girl would kiss the one you love. I really hope someday, when you experience the pain you have inflicted upon me, that you would be able to handle it and just move on, since that was what everyone was telling me, right? As if it’s so easy.

The only reason why it’s easy for you and your gang to say that is because it never happened to you yet, or because you’re not in the situation. But if you put yourselves in my shoes, I swear to God that the pain will exceed excruciating standards.

I hope you won’t use the excuse ‘drunk’ ever again, because it’s bullshit.

Til we meet again. I sincerely wish you a lifetime of happiness, as long as it agrees with your conscience.

PS: I know this blog post will seem mean, but IDC. It still hurts.

PPS: This should actually be common sense, idk why you have the guts to do that.


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