Opportunity Cost

I still cannot believe that this is my final stage (college education) well I mean, yeah, right after I can take masters (for journalism) but still!!!!

There had been dramas and stresses even just under a span of a month but

hey, when did I ever give up and just slack?

Well, there was one time. I gave up on something I really love, but in exchange for betterment, I chose one over the one I wanted the most. And it is turning out quite well for me; I just need to adjust a bit. But aside from that, my life is back on track.

This is all thanks to the people who made this possible. Thanks guys. I’ll be a better person; one goal? TO BE SUCCESSFUL! HAHAHAHAHA okay this post is shitty and meaningless and informal, but if you want formal, do visit my other blog (wow I managed to promote another blog lol) wordslingerdiaries.wordpress.com

before this gets more random than it already is, I’ll bid you guys au revior! I’ll be posting again soon. (busy because schoolworks)

oh, lesson?

Sometimes giving up doesn’t mean the end of the world. Sometimes, it is the start of something new and better.


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