The Piggyback Ride

Years ago he ran away

From possibilities far from his grip

Cowardice and pride

And a laughingstock, perhaps?

He left her all alone.

All those years he hid

And left his self esteem

And all those years she waited

With a scarred heart,

And made it stone cold.

Hopeless longing it was;

Until she bore a little boy.

But after all those years

He’d left her alone,

He remembered sweet memories

And how he’d carry her through

Life’s endless storms.

In the ethereal world

Full of floras and faunas,

Where he deserted her

She waited.

Waited, and waited, and waited.

He came back for her.

Came back just in time

Just when a storm was about to hit the ground

I thought the little boy

Whose heart doubted if the man

Would accept him

Would be left;

For the years the man and his mother

Had spent apart,

Would be for fulfillment

Of the stolen time.

Yet as he kissed her hello,

And hugged with endless tears,

He strode towards the little boy

Bent his knees and turned his back around him


“Care for a piggy back ride?”

They hadn’t spent hurricane moments since.


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