Learn to Wait

I never though I’d see the day that I would not be crowded from a sea of my own friends. From past posts, I had clearly stated that I have a few, and it was okay, since they are real and they really open up to me. But it was not that okay, since the sense of belonging is not really there.

But then I had tried a different environment. I found myself in the company of other journalists like me. Firstly there were two of them, whom I had instantly been close with. I was different from them because I do not really know how to speak Korean much, or know anything about KPOP music, but the really nice thing about them is, they never shut me out. They actually teach me and orient me, and we would always talk and be there for one another.

Not only the two of them changed my outlook in friendship, but also five other people who are similarly odd (but in a good way) like me. Like what I had said to myself, oddity is a good thing when used in a good way.

You know yourselves, people. Thank you for being there, and I want you guys to know I will always be here for you as you guys do for me.


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