The Little Moth In Our Bathroom

It has always been a saying that a butterfly symbolizes a person dear to us, who already passed away.

It has been 3 years since my dad died because of an unusual heart problem. It was probably one of the heart breaks that I never got through, because thinking about how I can’t see or feel or hug or kiss my dad anymore still strikes my heart with a dagger.

Just this morning when I was feeling down, with tears streaming down my face, I saw a little moth in our bathroom. What would a moth be doing in our bathroom? I was crying inside when I saw it. It wasn’t fluttering around. No matter how much I push it away from me, or sprinkle water to it so it would go away, it stayed put beside me as I sat on the toilet seat cover. It was literally beside me as if hearing out my emotional thoughts. And that’s when I realized I was having goosebumps.

Maybe I was being hugged by my father.

It’s the first time in 3 years that I’ve felt a presence I’ve longed for so long.

I love you, papa. Please hug me more.


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