“What Defines You?”



What defines you?

I’ve survived high school and elementary from lots of bullying. “Oh, that’s Miss Alone” “She wants to be really close but she’s not our type of friend” “Snake” “Sneaky” “fake” “Friendless bitch”. Even during my first semester on a different course, I was bullied. But I didn’t care, because what’s new? I’ve been told by a random stranger that there would always be asshats in the world. Yes, there would always be people to bring you down.

But their judgments would never define you as a person. Their judgments never did.

And as I was scrolling casually down to see what’s in and what’s going on in the real world, two articles caught my eyes that are similar. The first link was about Lizzie Velasquez, the one dubbed to be the ugliest person in the world. When I saw her, I thought (honestly) that she’s beautiful. Actually, she’s beyond it. She’s remarkably admirable because despite her condition, she managed to step up and prove people wrong; she wasn’t useless, she’s able to cope around her, and she inspires me to be better to the society even if society itself is evil. She’s been bullied. What for? Is it her fault that she had been diagnosed with a rare congenital illness? And what ignites my anger is the reaction from the shallow-minded people that dubbed her as the ugliest woman. Who are they to judge her for that? They didn’t create people. God did. And in God’s eyes, we are all even. People are beautiful in their own way. And it pains me to see someone as admirable as her become the laughingstock of shallow people. Come on. I never knew her personally but she inspires me to stand up to people who stereotypically bully other people. Yes, I was bullied once and will probably be bullied on and on, but it won’t define me. What people tell you would never define you. Just face their critiques head on.

Another of the articles was about a student reigned as a salutatorian. She was delivering a speech on their graduation rites about the unfairness of the administrators and how they play games (in a figurative way) dirtily when they weigh who was supposed to be their valedictorian. She said in her speech that she was the one who was pointed out to be the bad person when she’s not. She was interrupted several times in her speech and in my opinion it was because the School was so guilty about how they handle the institution. A school/administration should observe impartiality among everyone and make sure that everything is fair. The student’s supposed last words said that she was a Filipino citizen who would rather choose to fail with honor, than win by cheating. That’s admirable. Most people tend to just go with the flow and not actually seek for truth and justice, which is wrong.

These girls are eye-openers. They should inspire us all to be ourselves. We should get to know other people better before eyeing them out, bullying them, and excluding them in our circle. That would be so racist of us. Just now, before I go to bed, I would like people to think. What defines you? People’s opinions? Parents’ choices? What other people thinks of you?

Because my answer would be: my inner thoughts. That would define me. Because I’m an open book. Anything I tell anyone, or anything I entrust my thoughts to, would always be honest thoughts. It’s a lot of me that I would be giving to anyone. And that’s what I choose to be: To be who I am.

You. What defines you?


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