The Trouble with Time Travel

“Love is when you know that worst side of someone and still love the person with everything you have in your heart.”

I didn’t know exactly what happened this morning. I was casually scrolling down my friend’s ipad when a song in spotify suddenly played out of the blue. We were waiting for a professor to go into our classroom. I won’t mention the song since the very mention of it brought tears to my eyes (and so will this post, i think.) It was a song I was listening to last summer…

Believe me. I thought I’ve gotten through the pain. But, to be honest? You don’t really get through the pain. You accept pain. You accept the fact that there will be people who will bring you down, make you feel pain that kills, and things similar to these. I accepted that fact long ago… but the trouble with the past is that… it’s haunting. It will always haunt you. It will always bring either laughter or sorrow. And I thought after all the pain I went through so far in my life… I thought I wouldn’t open my heart and mind for possibilities anymore. But everything’s reverse. Because now, even if it still rips my heart in two, and shatters my world, I still love them. I still love him. I still love her. All of them, who hurt me.

Idk why I remembered and suddenly had a horrible mood shift. But one thing is for sure; I’ll never take for granted all the good memories they had with me. I’ll treasure those who stayed, and I’ll always pray for the ones who left. That’s how you love. You know their bad sides and still continue to love them, no matter how hard it is.


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