A Letter to My Favorite Star

Dear Starlight…

Four years ago, life was hard. I know I was all grown up, but still, I wished upon you. As you twinkled at the night sky, I kneeled on my bed, palms together on the window sill, and said, “Give me answers to my prayers, end my suffers, and send me my happily ever after.” That time, all I wanted was an escape; escape from reality and escape from the world. But you didn’t grant me anything. Maybe wishing upon a star only existed in nonsensical fairy tales. I tried asking from God before I asked you… but I figured, maybe He was busy answering others’ prayers to even notice mine. That’s when I lost faith in myself and doubted my existence. My fourth year in high school came, with more stresses and heartbreak until one day, I broke down.

But you know what, starlight?

I’m going to thank you right now. Thank you for the delay of my night-time wishes. Thank you for delaying the answers to my prayers. If it weren’t for delaying tactics, my life won’t be better than before. At least now, even if the academics and the family issues stress me more than ever, I still have a reason to smile and get up from my dream sleep. I have a reason to continue my supposed mission as a human being, and a reason to make other people loved and accepted as well. Thank you, God. Thank you, my starlight. Because I’ve found my turtle.

There’s one point in my life that led me to doubts. What if I want to give up? Because there were some pains my prayers brought me, I felt close to giving up on everything. Yet, I stayed. And I’m happy I did. Even if he snaps at me most of the time, I continue to love him. Because like the moon, I proudly look up at him and his endeavors. Like the sun, he brings the light into my dark, demented soul. Like a turtle’s hard shell, he shelters my ragged self and makes me feel loved and safe.

I know that comforts and a smooth sailing life won’t be for free. I know you’d give us a price and we should pay through hardships and challenges, but I say, no matter what happens, I’ll be a person he can always come to and come back and stay for. Starlight, I tell you, when I see a potential partner for life, I tend to tie my loyalties to last a lifetime.

Thank you, God.

Thank you, starlight.

Thank you, for blessing me with an irreplaceable, and a priceless gift I’ll treasure and care for, for the rest of my life.

Truly yours,
From a teenage bunny who felt more than contented already.


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