The Two Most Important Men in My Life

My dad- Too overprotective. Externally he looks critically strict when it comes to matters regarding her daughter. When gotten to know, though, he’s actually pretty cool. I remembered when my mom and him lived with me and shared the same bed he came home one month every year (he was an OFW in Taiwan) with dancing toy puppies and a pink cell phone and several cds (though mature ones got mixed up with the cartoon ones), a whole bag of black blue and red pens, a journal, and my favorite, a dvd player and big speakers!!! He pretends to be gay when her daughter’s feeling blue or mad. HE IS AN AMAZING DATE PLANNER. People might think that McDo dates are so overrated but he makes it really worth remembering. I learned to eat burger with fries in it with him because we watched too many movies together. I remembered him getting 20 extra ketchups for me because he knew I wanted to gobble on the ketchup. We experimented putting ketchup and gravy together and even if it tasted weird, the times never get old because of him. He makes me laugh. He nuzzles his nose before I sleep at night, hugs me tight when I had a horrible nightmare of losing my mom in Canada. His favorite drink will always be coffee. It was the first beverage that made him feel alive in times of weakness, but it was also the one that brought him to the peak of his living duration. He had a heart sickness, gobbled on seven cups of coffees in a day, plus a box of cigarettes. Those were his only vices.
The sad part was he had to die when I wasn’t even speaking to him yet. He and my mom separated when I was 7 in our living room while they were fighting to let me sleep at the middle. That was when I found out things were rocky between them because they were suddenly talking about child custody and all that, plus, the annulment. So there I was, losing my picture perfect family. After that I never saw my father again until my freshman enrollment in high school, then that was it. I finally saw him, and it was the last time already, was during his funeral. I didn’t see his face yet that day but the tears were already pouring. When I saw his smiling face in that coffin, I willed him to move, but he remained motionless. That’s when I started breaking down. I lost that one person I hardly saw or talked to since that separation 10 years ago. One that treated me his only girl, his only special one. And for that, I thank him. I love him to the depths of the Marianas Trench and I would be more than happy to see him again someday (unfortunately he cant walk his daughter on the aisle one day, or maybe he can? In spirit.)

Turtle- This person doesn’t know what his worth is to me. He is more than life. You know that moment when you finally became so sure of something that’s why you don’t want to change things anymore. Like, you want to make that person a permanent part of your life already. That’s how important this person is to me. He’s a bit like my dad when he was in his teenage years; complicated and quiet. Of course the looks will always be a bonus, though he doesn’t know how breathtaking he looks even from afar. We met that faithful night of November where both our hearts were shattered by ex-lovers. Or should I say crush. I was always one sided at the time when I met him. I never even imagined someone like him would like someone like me. It was so unexpected when he confessed to me I almost laughed at him when he confessed because I thought he was joking. But no, his eyes were serious and I’m glad that from that night til today we are still together.
We have ups and downs. He is complicated most of the time. He wants to be understood, accepted and everything else. And I did. I seriously thought at one point I’d give up; any moment. But I never did. he’s that one decision of mine I never regretted making or deciding on. He is good making me laugh or cry. He makes me feel heaven and hell in a perfectly balanced way. one year and almost two months and still, he manages to give me the flutters in my stomach. He’s a person that would do anything and everything to make things work even if things are complicated already.
Things I love about him? oh, I don’t know. There are a lot of things to mention. His eyes are full of wonder; his mind is full of questions; his hands provide that trust I give now not to just anybody; those arms and chests that welcome me in total safety and comfort; his perfect words that flow out from his mouth effortlessly; when he smiles, by the way, his mouth goes waaaaaaay up his nose and he looks so bright it’s hard not to frown when i’m having a bad time. WAH I don’t usually run out of words to say but right now the only thing I can say is I love him to bits. Same as my dad, really, but I don’t love him in a daddy aspect. I see him one day, waiting in front of a path I’m walking on, while the song “The Girl” plays while our eyes are locked on each other.


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