Possible Plots?

I have a great plot for a story! Or so I’m told that it was great and quite imaginative but idk it’s something I dream about. So how’s this for a story plot?

There’s this girl named Janella Sinclaire and she’s a bookworm. Her room are stack with books everywhere. Even the walls are filled with books. She has an ultimate favorite, though. That was Bennie and the Jets. It was a supposed song but there was a book about it (author’s imagination; a separate book to be written soon too). It was about Bennie Clark, an average college guy who was recruited by the Jets (modern soldiers) to fight against the Giant Waylocks (some kind of monstrous human beings clad in skeletons). She falls in love with Bennie until one night, the book which she always sleeps with on her bed, took her in.

Bennie saw her and falls in love with her instantly, but in the fictional world, there is one rule: Not a real person should be able to see them. Bennie instantly knew that she was Real, but she said she wanted to meet the characters all her life, thus he introduced her to the Jets. The Jets said that they had to kill her before the Master of Fiction finds out and punishes them all. But Janella said that she knows how to defeat the Waylocks, so they let her live for a while.

after they HAD defeated the Waylocks (I will need to think about how), the Master of Fiction found everything out and he forced Bennie to kill Janella herself. He said that no Real person will ever be invited to live in the world of fiction. Janella tried reasoning with the Master of Fiction but it didn’t do. He forced Bennie, but Bennie hesitated. The Master threatened to kill Bennie instead, and Bennie concedes. But… Janella took the dagger, and she woke up in reality, finding herself hospitalized for a month.

Then her book… Bennie and the Jets was destroyed. They didn’t know how or why, but it is. And there’s no way she can read or go into their world again… and Bennie didn’t have a chance to find out that she liked him. No, loved him. After months of trying to move on from Bennie and the Jets, she finds a guy who looks exactly like Bennie, holding a copy of Bennie and the Jets.

His name was Marlo, and his first words that he told Janella was: “Had we met before?”

And that’s where the dream ended so far.

So how’s that for a movie plot? It was somehow inspired by Ruby Sparks only the plot is different but i don’t know why I am having strange dreams lately.


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