He’s a problem to solve.

Believe me. I didn’t want any of these things to happen, but it already did. And there’s no more backing out.

Actually, it’s too late to back out.

Remember how you would love a person so much that it would make you feel martyred. That, no matter what happens, you would still continue supporting that person. No matter how hurt you are, or no matter how he/she acts toward you. Remember how you will continue understanding the situation, even if it puts you to the complicated side of things. Remember how you will continue standing by that person, letting him/her know that when the world falls down, and everyone else leaves,

you will continue loving that person. No matter what.

And when he leaves without the slightest good bye, even if it’s painful, you will have to let him go. At one point, people will be like birds; wanting freedom, wanting the world.

There’s one thing you can do, though.

When he leaves, to chase a dream, or to make something he wants as his, remember that you can continue to love him from afar, still become his number one fan, and stand by him no matter what. Supporting his decisions and letting him know that he has someone to come back for. Someone to lean on, someone to rise for.

On a personal note: You can be as deadly as ultraviolet. You can be anything that would either make or break me. But one thing is for sure, that I’m always here, ready to support you.


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