Part One


Hello from an old friend.

Please call me Sam. I prefer not to be known by my real name. I don’t want to open up a lot about my reality. In fact, I prefer to
let people know about my thoughts. Me being Sam, I’m more of a personal girl who wants her thoughts to be out and be heard by
society. But given the fact that I am just a teenager with more issues than actual intelligence, I’m seldomly being heard out by people.
And that’s why opening up to people I barely know, or to things that would less talk, would be essential for me. Since I can never be judged,
or I can be, however I could be saying, “You only know my pseudonym, not my story.”

I’m sorry for babbling. But, to be honest, that would be the summary of my blog. A teenager’s mind would be quipped with too many thoughts
and propagandas and as I’ve said earlier, issues. But it doesn’t mean people my age are too young to notice if something is wrong with the
people around us, or the community we actually live in. I would be a hypocrite if I told people that. In fact, we’re too aware of situations more than
elders most times but we hardly ever talk about it since people would not take us and our opinions seriously. This is based on a real life situation of mine
where I debated with one of my professors if our country was overpopulated or not. Of course he would say yes because he wants to be ignorant of the
situation at hand, where in fact our country is not really populated; it only lacked efficiency and the government never take notice of what needs to be prioritized.
Anyway, I’ll say more about that later. Let me tell you a little something about me.

I’m an introverted extrovert. Yeah, I know it’s a weird description but that pretty much summarizes my features. I have a lot of friends, but most of them aren’t in
my class. And mostly, I prefer alone time. I am more productive without them, and I think flawlessly without distractions. I have flawed opinions some of the time, but
I’ve been told that I feel so strongly about stuffs I care about.

So what should I rant about tonight before going to bed?

So it might have been all over the news that Pope Francis visited the Philippines, particularly the victims of typhoon Yolanda last January 15-19, 2015. It excited me not
just because he’s a Pontiff and he’s in demand by people all over the world, but because he makes me closer to God more than ever. His words touch my heart and no matter
how much of a sinner I am, I feel like listening to him is just like listening to God, and it calms my soul. When he arrived here though, I wasn’t satisfied with the extravagant
welcome that the Philippine Government prepared for him. I would have been convinced if the government had been a nice fall back for us Filipinos but to be honest, on screen
I saw crocodiles welcoming the Pope. The officials had been robbing the people’s money for God’s sake, and they had the nerve to welcome the Pope. Not that I am implying
that I’m perfect and I judge them for anything, but really, if they have a little conscience left in them they would have been sorry for a long time. But they’re not. And come to think
of it, sorry doesn’t exactly cover up for the pain they’ve caused this country. So yes, I was dumbfounded, but I hoped his presence would at least make the officials become
sensitive of the demands of the Filipino people.

I hate society. Really, I hate it. Not just because of the Filipino government officials, but other people as well.

Now, as I would like to elaborate more on how society is a beast ((not all, though)), tomorrow would be nice. I have to sleep. Writers need to sleep too, after all.


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