Fatal Flaw

ich sollte meiner fatalen Fehler loswerden

I should really get rid of my fatal flaw. Honestly. I think I overdo a lot of things. I think this is getting way overboard. I’ve thought that most of my qualities are discreetly flawed, but one of my imperfections just topped everything else. It’s like a cherry on the top of the ice cream, only the cherry’s too big for the whole of the ice cream to carry. In a way, it’s like my life in comparison. My dominant fatal flaw is so overpowering that my whole self might shut down for a bit.

I hate selfishness. Back then, I was abnegating myself to everything and to everyone. Most people call me selfless and sacrificial. Well, that was before, when I had nothing. Now that I do have at least some prized possessions, I don’t think I am not in my selflessness. Because right now, I’m selfish.

I don’t know what had gotten into me. I’ve never been this selfish before up to the point of wishing the reverse of what’s really happening. I swear. But lately, I’ve been dreading the day I’d be back to my selfless self, when I didn’t have anything. Where I didn’t have anybody.

I just hope this would come to an end. I’m happy but I’m not. I’m happy but all of a sudden my world is falling apart.

I think I’m breaking down again.


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