Instantly Inspired

I am a writer, or as other people call me, I’m an obsessed writer.

I write wherever I want to write. I write whatever I want to write. But college and family problems just demotivated me to do things I actually want to do. But then I missed writing, and here am I, welcomed once again by my pens and my laptop, readying me to be inspired to write again. I guess I was just excited to write again that’s why I am being redundant. But folks, redundancy is wrong, okay? BUT PLEASE JUST DON’T MIND ME FOR NOW BECAUSE MY MIND IS FULL OF IDEAS AND EXCITEMENT.

As of now I’m writing for a blog and I’m writing my fourth novel. I actually haven’t finished my second one, but that’s the beauty in the writer’s world; you’re full of ideas and you just don’t want to end the beautiful plan you want to write. And so this is why I don’t finish a book or a write up instantly because i never want to end.

I don’t know, these days there’s this beacon of light I see that opened doors for me. Suddenly, I knew that writing comforts me. And I think I like being enlightened by something I know I want to do until I grow old. Cheers to inspiration! šŸ™‚


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