Not My Kind of Day

Here’s to all the people who are like me. This day isn’t usual and obviously I’m against it.

I was beaten. SHE beat the shit out of me. And by she, I meant my own mother. My mother, who was loving at so many times had finally showed her true colors and there, she hit me hard with a belt, a long stick, my guitar (she hit it on my head), banged my head on the door, etc. Here’s the whole story of how I was earlier.

So it was a fine day and I will have to go to my block because we need to finish the thesis papers that my professor in History required of us. So I asked my mom if I could go and she said yes. Suddenly, she said I should wait for a document that she wants me to print, but I’m running late, and it’s not even due immediately so I kindly said that I would personally attend to that errand the moment I got home from my blockmate’s house. So there. I rushed for the door and accidentally closed the door too hard. Next thing I know, I was being dragged against my will by my own mother and she started to beat the shit out of me.

First she hit me with a stick. That stick was bamboo and it hurt so bad. It left marks up my thighs, my arms and my legs. Next she started to pull my hair as if she wants to pull them until they fall on the floor, and dragged my head to the door and banged me there. I was delirious with pain and I don’t know if I can keep up with it. The more I was shouting, the more she was spanking me, etc etc. But I can’t let her continue so I shouted at her to stop it because idk what’s wrong with her. For her final act, she got my guitar from behind the closet and hit it on my head. It was beyond repair.

After that I walked towards the door and left for my blockmate’s house with all the bruises and the marks I got from her. I really didn’t know what was wrong with her. I was just asking nicely and this is what I get. My blockmate, who was very concerned for me (and who read human psychology for ages already) reckoned that she might have tendencies for some reasons. but whatever her reasons are, I loathed her. So much. I loathed her so much that I am already killing her silently, slowly and brutally in my mind. I’m not normally that kind of daughter but because of everything that happened today, I guess something in me stirred and said, “this isn’t right.”


1. I don’t know if the relationship we have as mother-daughter before would come back to how it was. I became scared and mad at her at the same time.

2. I would NOT act like that to my future sons/daughters. I would shower them with love. And if I have to discipline them, I will, in the best, possible, fair way. I would not tolerate that in my household. I tell this to my boyfriend just in case we end up together in the future and he totally agrees with the idea. YOU SHOULD NOT HURT PEOPLE

3. I’ll never become a sadistic mother who never understands her kids or even bothers to hear them out.

I told my boyfriend this experience and also a close friend since my HS days, and they think too that it is too much for me. I’m glad at least I have them to rant about all these stuffs.


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