Home is Where the Heart Is

Happy day with them

Happy day with them

So here’s the thing. I really thought I was going to be an introvert soon. But they are my reasons for being able to reinstate my extrovert self. Actually, there are a lot of them, but I lack pictures. So here’s the thing: my high school classmates aren’t as accepting as the batch now. These people are the ones who never left me in my times of need or times of sadness. They are not like those people who only talk to me because they need something.

Honesty. This was my section when I was in high school. And before, it wasn’t something I want to give definition to (in a connotative sense). Before, all I wanted to do was to get away from the drama that Honesty had during those times. But they made me want to go back to my high school self. If only I can turn back my old self in their generation today, I would have. 🙂 I’m just so happy that they are here for me and all.

So yeah. Idk if I’m in the mood to go to class today or whatsoever. Because honestly? Not going to class would make much difference. I’d rather be with these people.


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