There’s a lot of hurt in this world.

I do not think of negative things as much as possible. I used to be that little jovial girl who can’t get enough of melons and cute animals. I used to think that being in this world was so nice and fun. But that was back then when I was in such a young age. Then came my high school years, where there are so many dramas that I prefer not to enumerate, but I have to. Since my first days in high school, I was not able to express the pains of being somewhat alone during those times. What happened? I was an extrovert during my elementary days, why was high school being so difficult?

Love, life, friends. Those things are important for high school teens. Some experts say that this is because young adults have not worked in the real world and do not have to think about “the big stuffs.” True enough, in my years in that prestigious institution, teenagers flirt and fight and fall in love. Fights and issues became usual for us, especially in our classrooms.

Personally, I became an outcast especially in intramural events (I do not want to expound in this). Luckily, all of our high school issues were resolved in no time during our senior year.
I’m a college student now, in the Faculty where I dreamed of. I’m a Legal Management freshman, and I love the course; I love the program itself. But I was put into a block where people act like the high school people I hoped to stay away from long ago. During the first weeks, things were great. Next thing I know, most people talk about me behind my back.

It’s difficult to be a college student. Not only do I have to deal with such people. It’s also because I have a lot of stresses to engulf myself into: readings, never ending recitations and paper works, the organizational responsibilities, and of course, being used to all of these. My dorm mate, who was a student in the Faculty (Journalism major), warned me about the stresses and dramas college brought into the lives of the frosh. Before, I believed she was wrong, but I WAS. In college, there ARE some friends, but most will just act immature, so you really have to pull your own feet most of the time.
I guess I have to go now. There will be more ranting as I log on to this wordpress and honestly I would be shocked if anyone bothered to read this. I mean, seriously. I’m obviously a bad writer.


2 thoughts on “EXPRESS.

  1. DiAnne Ebejer says:

    I love the title of your blog…very creative, so don’t say you can’t write. It reminds me of the french saying “The heart has it’s reasons that reason knows nothing of.” Hang in there – you’ve made it this far – there will always be ass hats in the world; just keep your smile on and be the bigger person you are, and thanks for reading my blog!
    DiAnne at poetry and then some…..

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